Virtual Medical Assistant Training

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Preserve the Transfer of Knowledge

With VMeDx virtual medical assistant training, we are responsible for providing you with qualified, knowledgeable, and highly trained virtual medical assistants for your medical practice. Like you, we prioritize productivity, efficiency, and punctuality. Our Central Training Hub will give you a clear view of how we prepare our virtual medical assistants so they are fully ready to take on any tasks you assign to them and that they are experienced enough to handle the hectic nature of the healthcare sector.

The Value of Continued Education and Training

virtual medical assistant trainingWhen you work in an industry as fluid and progressive as the healthcare industry, it is important, if not necessary, to have continued education and training. You must adapt to the industry through continued education and appropriate training. Our virtual medical assistants do the same. VMeDx hires virtual medical assistants with experience in the job or the medical industry. However, after we hire them, we provide education and training for two weeks so their knowledge of the job and the industry is updated and based on current findings and regulations. With all that said, here’s a glimpse of the education and training we put our virtual medical assistants through so they are fully prepared to work for you.

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Simulations Based on Real Situations

The world of healthcare is undeniably high-pressure. People prone to stress and cave under pressure cannot survive in this industry. However, a person can work up a tolerance for high-pressure environments through repetition and exposure. This is one of the main reasons why we hire experienced VMAs. They know how hectic the job can be because they’ve worked in the medical industry for a while. We continue to cement this tolerance by performing simulations based on real-world situations and data. We put them through situations and then outline every solution that can be taken during said situations.

HIPAA Certification Training

vmedx-virtual-medical-assistants-are-all-hipaa-compliantOur VMAs are knowledgeable of the regulations that HIPAA sets. This is our assurance that, as they work for you, the protected health data of your patients will continue to be protected. The virtual assistant will constantly handle these data. They will have to gather them for you, compile them, use them for data entry, etc. The virtual assistant will do these tasks while ensuring the data is safe and secure.

Software and Technology Education

The virtual assistant will be handling many software and applications on the job. These applications make their jobs easier and streamline your operation for convenience and organization. From tools that handle scheduling appointments to managing patient records, we train our virtual assistants to use them efficiently. We also take into account the applications you already use in this training.

Schedule Management

The virtual assistant will be responsible for handling your schedule. Not only that, but they only handle schedule-related tasks such as scheduling appointments, rescheduling, scheduling conflicts, and even your schedule outside of work. Your virtual assistant will be fully prepared to take on this administrative task. They will manage your schedule and ensure your days and weeks are productive and organized.

Communication Skills

filipina-virtual-assistant-very-good-in-communicationAnother task the virtual assistant will do most while working for you is to communicate with others. Whether this is with you, your colleagues or peers, other staff workers, or your patients, we train our virtual medical assistants to communicate properly. We will ensure they are articulate and thoughtful enough to properly convey their thoughts to the right individuals, whether vocally or through writing.

Organized Mentality

It is integral for a virtual medical assistant to have an organized mentality. After all, many of their administrative tasks require them to be so. That is why, from the get-go, we train them to organize everything from schedule to patient records. We want their work to be neat and thorough. All of this will contribute to their efficiency and productivity.

Introduction to Your Practice

After our VMAs have undergone our training and before they begin working for you, we begin introducing them to your practice. During this, they are informed of your system, the software you use, your regular schedule, and more. We prepare them for the job as a whole, then tailor them to your specific practice.

Molding the Right VMA: Virtual Medical Assistant Training

On top of finding an experienced virtual medical assistant who is also highly trained, you need to find one who works with you perfectly. Your professional relationship with your virtual assistant needs to be perfectly symbiotic. After all, they will be in charge of how smoothly your practice runs from now on and even some aspects of your personal life.

That being said, we make a conscious effort to ensure you work with a virtual medical assistant that suits your practice, personality, and system. We also take your needs into account. While we train our virtual assistants to be fully prepared to take on any assigned tasks, your needs may call for certain expertise in some areas.

Considering that, we train specialized virtual assistants who can perform a specific task perfectly. The following are examples of specialized virtual assistant roles your practice may need.

Virtual Receptionist

These assistants are trained to answer and direct calls and emails. They screen inquiries and handle patient appointments. These virtual assistants have the best communication skills in our organization and have received further training to better communicate with their patients.

Administrative Assistant

They will be fully responsible for administrative tasks such as collecting patient demographics, consent forms, data entry, and insurance details. We train these assistants to be completely organized and meticulous. We also ensure they know the tools to do these administrative tasks correctly.

Medical Scribe

These assistants document patient encounters, transcribe appointments, and record interactions for your later perusal. These assistants are trained to have excellent listening and writing skills. They are also taught the SOAP format to ensure their transcriptions are accurate and organized.

Medical Biller

A Medical Biller aims to maximize your revenue and minimize claims rejection. They handle tasks such as insurance verification and invoice generation. They can also assist patients in processing their insurance by communicating with the proper channels. We train these virtual assistants to be fully organized with financial records and insurance claims. We introduce them to the programs you use in this area and train them to use them effectively.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In your practice, you will require someone to monitor your patients. You’ll be able to look over it later and take this responsibility off your packed schedule to focus more on the tasks that require your attention most. This virtual assistant is trained to provide patient support and monitoring remotely. They can talk with your patients for follow-ups, education, and handling any further questions.

We Value Your Input

filipinos virtual medical assistant are hardworking and efficient workersSince your practice will fully experience the benefits of having a virtual medical assistant, we also fully consider your input. Before you find the right virtual assistant, we’ll talk about what you need, the type of assistant you need, and everything else.

We can also help you introduce the virtual assistant to your practice. We will conduct a proper seminar so you can relay the information you want to the virtual assistant who will work for you. We will then ensure that the virtual assistant can absorb and use all this information appropriately on the job.

Your practice will only be as good as the people working in it. You invest a lot of time to ensure your practice is cared for and your patients are attended to efficiently. We fully understand this endeavor and have been incredibly meticulous with our training programs. We mold our virtual assistants to perfection, just as you have fully molded yourself to become the best medical professional you can be.

We want our virtual medical assistants to be indispensable assets to your practice. They are trained to be virtual medical assistants, fully prepared to perform their assigned tasks with the best “virtual medical assistant training” in the industry. Even our specialized assistants, although they have their expertise, are skilled enough to take on other administrative tasks. Their job is to shape your practice into its best possible form.

Please talk to us today, and we will make sure you end up with the best virtual medical assistant in the industry, as we have the top virtual medical assistant training in this field. We will see your every need and guarantee we can find the perfect fit for your practice. Let our training and education be paid off through your success.


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