Managing Your Virtual
Has Never Been Easy

Our ground-breaking technology platform, enhanced with virtual medical assistant technology, allows you to select, manage, and monitor your staff with ease, streamlining your operations and ensuring efficient workflow management.

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Gain Crystal-Clear Visibility and Dynamic Insights for Superior Workforce Performance.

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Experience Cutting-Edge, Real-Time Productivity Analytics, Tailored for Excellence Anywhere.

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Advanced Workday Analytics Engineered to Propel Productivity for Doctors and Healthcare Clinics.

Our features, powered by virtual medical assistant technology, will enhance your practice’s efficiency

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Easy-to-Use Interface

Designed for effortless navigation and interaction

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Idle Time Detection

Can detect idle and automatically pause the time

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Realtime Monitoring

Ensuring instant insights and proactive decision-making

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Auto Stop Session

Set daily hour limits; auto-stop and overtime prompts

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Multi-Platform Support

Compatible with both Windows and macOS systems

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Assign multiple projects with varied rates per assistant

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Floating Mini Window

Track work time with minimized VMeDx tracker

compliance and security

Compliance & Security

Complies with data protection, security, and backup

Automatic Invoicing

Automatic Invoicing

Effortless, automated invoicing for streamlined financial management

Simple & Beautiful Interface

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Let’s grow with our Virtual Staff Services

Have the power to browse through a wide-array of our virtual medical assistants.

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Say Goodbye to time consuming emails and unanswered calls

Enjoy seamless communication through our interactive livechat platform right at your finger tips. Chat directly to your VMAs and Career Managers through your computer or any mobile device.

  • Interactive Live Chat Platform 95% 95%
  • Mobile Accessibility 85% 85%
  • Efficient Task Management 98% 98%

Elevate Efficiency and Productivity

Harness the power of our Training Central Hub to revolutionize your organization’s growth and staff expansion. Streamline onboarding and training, ensuring every moment is impactful, and your investment in human capital is maximized!


Worry-Free Time Management System

Gain immediate and complete visibility of your Virtual Medical Assistants’ activities through our intuitive dashboard and proprietary time-tracking software, accessible on both PC and mobile phone.


Preserve the transfer of knowledge

Our Training Central Hub ensures your onboarding and training efforts are maximized, allowing for enhanced productivity and efficiency when scaling or hiring new staff.


Future-proof your business operations

Leverage our innovative technology and Virtual Medical Assistants to efficiently streamline and future-proof your practice in today’s evolving healthcare landscape.

We understand that running a busy practice can deter you from seeing the minutia of things.

Anti- Billshock & Automatic Payment Platform

Let us help you reach your goals today.

We have designed a system, incorporating virtual medical assistant technology “VMeDx Tracker”, that allows you to view your current running balance in real-time. Along with our autopay feature, we ensure you stay hassle-free and on top of your invoices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the VMeDx Time Tracker?

Stay ahead with VMeDx Time Tracker, your ultimate real-time team and individual performance monitoring tool, now enhanced with virtual medical assistant technology. Our sophisticated platform features intuitive Dashboards at both group and user levels, providing a comprehensive overview of activities as they unfold, all while leveraging the latest in technology to ensure efficiency and ease of use.

Enhance accountability and transparency with our advanced features, such as Screenshots and Screen Recording, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your team’s work patterns. The Daily and Real-Time Email Notifications are customizable, allowing you to focus on your team’s most critical productivity aspects. With VMeDx Time Tracker, you’re not just tracking time but optimizing performance with the assistance of cutting-edge virtual medical assistant technology.

Contact VMeDx for more Information:

Can VMeDx Time Tracker see your screen?

Experience unparalleled oversight with VMeDx Time Tracker, where we merge efficiency with innovation and the precision of virtual medical assistant technology. Our platform offers an optional, state-of-the-art visual tracking feature, empowering you to capture screenshots and video recordings of user screens. This integration enhances your ability to manage and analyze team performance meticulously.

This advanced capability, bolstered by virtual medical assistant technology, ensures a detailed and transparent workflow view, enhancing your team’s accountability and productivity. Embrace the future of work monitoring with VMeDx Time Tracker, where every pixel tells a story of progress and performance, underscored by the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology.

Is VMeDx Time Tracker safe to use?

VMeDx Time Tracker is a pinnacle of ethical monitoring, distinctly separate from spyware. It’s engineered to monitor employee online activities exclusively during work hours, ensuring accurate tracking of time allocation for projects and tasks. The system respects privacy, ceasing all monitoring during breaks or off-clock periods, aligning with our commitment to efficiency and ethical practices. With VMeDx, experience the balance of meticulous time management and unwavering respect for personal time.

Can I use VMeDx Time Tracker for free?

Elevate Your Productivity: Experience VMeDx Time Tracker for Free

Are you poised to transform your team’s efficiency? Discover the difference with a complimentary trial of VMeDx Time Tracker. Embark on your journey to peak productivity today.

How does VMeDx Time Tracker track you?

VMeDx Time Tracker is your gateway to enhanced productivity management. It meticulously logs website and application usage during work hours, empowering managers with detailed reports. Gain insights into team engagement with analyses of time spent on various sites, focusing on “poor-time-use” websites like Facebook. Embrace data-driven management for peak team performance.

Does VMeDx Time Tracker record mouse clicks?

VMeDx Time Tracker revolutionizes productivity tracking by focusing solely on activity levels, not keystrokes. This technology intelligently monitors keyboard engagement and mouse movement patterns, providing insights into work dynamics without intruding on specific content. Experience a sophisticated approach to monitoring that respects privacy while offering valuable productivity metrics.