Challenging the Norm with Your Innovative Medical Receptionist

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Transform Healthcare: Innovative Medical Receptionist Inside

Innovations in the healthcare setting can range from simple developments like a new form of wrapper for sterilizing to something revolutionary like a complete shift in how we approach health and diseases to provide innovative care.

Your clinic could already have an innovative medical receptionist among your employees without you realizing it. Let’s discover if your team has an innovative medical receptionist hidden amongst them.

Redefining Staffing Approaches in the Healthcare Setting

pool of virtual receptionist at vmedxIn today’s fast-paced environment, staffing has become a race between your clinic and others. Where people would always be willing to hire those with more experience but lose them to those who offer competitive compensation. Lucky for you, there is a pool of candidates who can match them with proper guidance and support – the younger generation.

Not all clinics would be willing to hire a medical assistant or office receptionist who only has a high school diploma since they will be dealing with sensitive medical records. This is why proper screening must be done to ensure that they have the appropriate communication skills to provide the best customer service experience and patient care.

Always remember that to achieve innovation in your clinic, you must be willing to challenge what has become the preferred standard for all. By embracing that challenge, your clinic will be able to adapt and thrive while providing the best treatment to your patients.

Out with the Old, In with the Youth

remove old employees in the clinicNo, we don’t mean remove all of your senior employees and replace them with young people seeking to make a change. Obtaining the right balance between the two groups can yield benefits for your clinic. Let’s explore how the two can collaborate.

Training the Next Generation

Admit it, we all want to hire that ideal candidate who is a fast learner and is familiar with their responsibilities and medical terminology. Remember that every job seeker is unique and regardless of their position or experience, they will require time to adapt and absorb knowledge about how your clinic functions.

One of the benefits of having both senior and junior employees is the opportunity to transfer knowledge to help them adapt quickly. Another is the ability of the youth to approach responsibilities from a different angle than the conventional methods. They can assist their seniors by discovering or sharing more efficient methods so everyone can focus on their other duties for their patients.

Flexibility of a Medical Receptionist Redefined

a happy medical doctor wearing a red capeIf you acknowledge that work location is now a major factor in today’s fast-paced environment, then congratulations! You are one step closer to providing innovative care for your patients.

Having an office receptionist is no longer limited to being present in the front office of your clinic in person. While some of your senior staff would rather prefer to be present in the front office, a younger medical receptionist would most likely choose to work remotely to save time and effort especially when traveling.

Having both full-time front office and per-hour remote workers allows your clinic to function at any hour of the day. Be it for scheduling appointments, processing insurance, and payments. This ensures that your patients receive the care they need.

One approach is to delegate them to different working hours so they will be able to assist patients even if your working hours are done which secures patient loyalty. This also allows your patients to schedule or reschedule appointments with your physicians via phone calls or any preferred communication channel.

Technical Know-How Meets Medical Records

What do you get when you have a medical receptionist with up-to-date computer skills, excellent communication skills, and knowledge about HIPAA privacy? A very efficient way to manage electronic medical records containing patient information among your staff.

Let’s face it – not everyone has good computer skills. Sure, they know how to use one but not everyone is a fast learner who can keep up with advancements in technology to make use of their benefits.

Having a person with the computer skills you need and who can also communicate effectively would be beneficial for your front office since they can seamlessly share the knowledge they have to perform their responsibilities well regardless of their job types.

You will no longer worry about your patient’s electronic medical records being outdated once you have full-time staff with the ability to utilize modern technology to its fullest.

Plus, if you have a website, they can update the information displayed if needed.

Rekindling Passions

medical doctor's burnoutWith the rate of burnout increasing, there are staff who only care about the benefits: paid time, health insurance, salary increases/bonuses, and other per-hour benefits. This results in a lowered quality of patient care provided to your patients – they lose track of the vision they had when they entered the medical field. Some might even have the Monday Blues every day of the week.

The ability to assist in escaping burnout by sharing new ways to tackle mundane responsibilities in the office lies in the junior staff. One of which is through the use of automation.

By eliminating stress due to mundanity, optimizing workflows to improve efficiency, and having a fresh perspective on patient care, burnt-out staff can obtain a new vision that they want to turn into reality in their full-time job.

Who is the Real Innovative Medical Receptionist?

innovative-medical-receptionistBe it a senior or junior medical assistant, the key to innovation depends on how adaptive they are to change. From medical terminology to health insurance policies, everyone is affected by change regardless of position.

Keeping a close eye on and listening to every medical assistant in your office will assist you in optimizing how to provide better care for the health of your patients.

Embark on Your Journey Towards Innovative Care Today

After accepting that a balance between the two groups of staff is what you need, you might be wondering – where can you find the medical receptionist to innovate your office?

No need to browse through each resume or cover letter you receive from job seekers. Let us handle all those tasks to match you with your ideal candidate with the ability to provide your team with the help they require so you can get back to your patients ASAP.

By booking a call with us today, we’ll be able to find the right person to be your next medical assistant who will revolutionize your office regardless of what team they will be assigned to.

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