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Struggling with medical prior authorization headaches in your clinic? Discover VMeDx’s solution: a streamlined approach that cuts through red tape. Say goodbye to bureaucratic burdens and hello to a smoother, more efficient practice!
Arcelyn Abas
Arcelyn Abas
Immensely happy with Virtual VMeDx’s services! Have assisted us im achieving better patient flow!
Nenita Nefretiri Cristobal
Nenita Nefretiri Cristobal
very very helpful with administrative misc back office work. no need to stay for long times on the phone for insurance authorizations. gives more time to do other works 😉👍 makes you more efficient! thanks so much VmeDX! 🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏
John Hayes
John Hayes
VMeDx has been a good at fulfilling our needs.
We are truly happy with their services and they have been helpful in managing our calls at our practice.
Architectural Stone Elements
Architectural Stone Elements
I have been totally impressed with all the virtual assistants that VMeDx has presented me. I will keep using them for their quality results! Very Impressed.
morey bang
morey bang
Completely happy with your services thank you
Gregory Gasic
Gregory Gasic
VMeDx is the time crunch solution every doctor’s office needs to avoid burnout! Their staff is wonderful!


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Prior Authorization: Revolutionize Your Medical Practice 

Tired of Endless Insurance Calls and Prior Authorization Hassles? Take Action Today for Seamless Patient Care!


Sometimes the Best Customer Service is No Customer Service

When you get into the cycle of doom, additional miscommunications can happen when trying to initiate or submit prior authorizations. Having your Virtual Medical Assistant stay on top of things will ensure that all authorizations will be done on a timely fashion. By simply doing what you say you will be the best customer service ever!


Less delays, better patient care

How many patients have discontinued treatment plans because of process difficulty? Probably too many to count. Just imagine what patients have to go through: multiple diagnostic tests, procedures and provider discussions just to find the right therapy for them, only to find out later on that it will take weeks to resolve a prior authorization. Yes, to some patients, some treatment regimens may warrant the wait but to many, delays could lead to rapidly worsening conditions. Hiring Virtual Medical Assistants will help shorten this process leading to better patient care.

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More work… less burden

The more patients you have, the more prior authorizations need to be done. There is some controversy that a medical prior authorization is intentionally put in place to be troublesome and lengthy, as this benefits the insurance companies greatly for cheaper alternatives. But a common belief that most physicians have is that the number of prior authorizations have increased over the years according to a study from the American Medical Association in 2019.

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Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to common questions using our helpful FAQs.

How Can I Hire A Prior Medical Authorization Assistant?

Engaging a medical prior authorization VA is a strategic move for efficiency, but the hiring process can be daunting. Enter VMeDx, your hassle-free gateway to the world’s top VA talent. Beyond just presenting elite candidates for your selection, VMeDx streamlines your onboarding process and offers continuous VA monitoring, significantly reducing your operational overhead. Begin your seamless hiring journey with a commitment-free pre-consultation call with VMeDx today.

What Skills and Qualifications Does A Medical Authorization Virtual Assistant Need To Have?

Medical authorization VAs are meticulous professionals adept at juggling multiple tasks, ensuring precise record-keeping, and swiftly accessing vital information. Their exceptional communication skills enable them to seamlessly liaise with insurance providers, patients, and medical staff, fostering trust and clarity. Their patience is commendable, ensuring thoroughness and stability in their interactions. Above all, their unwavering integrity guarantees the utmost confidentiality and security of sensitive patient data.

What Kinds of Tasks Can A Medical Authorization Virtual Assistant Do for Me?

Your medical authorization virtual assistant is a powerhouse, ensuring pristine patient records for swift pre-authorization. They meticulously navigate the intricate maze of diverse insurance policies, pinpointing precise CPT codes to bolster your authorization requests. But their prowess doesn’t end at submission; they tenaciously follow up with insurers, ensuring clear resolutions. Moreover, they adeptly manage referrals, safeguarding against potential reimbursement pitfalls. With such a VA, you’re not just streamlined; you’re ahead of the curve.

What is a Medical Prior Authorization Virtual Assistant?

A medical prior authorization virtual assistant (VA) is your strategic ally in the intricate world of insurance authorizations. While the authorization process aims for efficiency and safety, it often devolves into a bureaucratic quagmire, consuming precious time meant for patient care. With the unpredictable duration of these processes, healthcare providers can find themselves ensnared for up to a month. Enter the VA, adept not only in securing prior authorizations but also in managing referrals and retro authorizations. In the labyrinth of medical billing, a VA isn’t just an asset; they’re a game-changer.

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