Medical Virtual Assistant Companies Changing Healthcare

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Medical Virtual Assistant Companies: Experts’ Top Picks

full-workload-in-the-clinicThe medical virtual assistant industry has become as sought-after as ever in the past couple of years. The medical industry has seen and acknowledged the importance and value of employing the services of medical virtual assistants. Their workload is significantly reduced, their productivity increases and their overall healthcare quality increases to a commensurate degree.

Due to the increasing demand for the position, more and more employees are also joining the workforce as virtual medical assistants. The pay is generous, the benefits are plenty, and the experience is unlike any other. It is a high-pressure job that is, on the other hand, also greatly rewarding. It is an endeavor many dare to take and many are rewarded for doing so.

To that end, one must apply to the best virtual medical assistant companies so their skills and services are put to great use. That’s where VMeDx comes in.

The Best Medical Virtual Assistant Companies

VMeDx prides itself as one of the best virtual medical assistant companies in the industry today. Fully committed to providing quality service to clients and doctors, VMeDx also only employs the best virtual medical assistants on the market. We leverage cutting-edge technology and a rigorous hiring process to sift through the applicants and end up with medical virtual assistants our clients will most benefit from.

In an effort to fully utilize the capabilities of our medical virtual assistants, VMeDx provides quality and comprehensive support to its workforce. We provide fundamental and advanced training so skills and abilities continue to sharpen.

VMeDx has fostered a reputation of excellence and professionalism. This is evident in our talent pool. Not only do we strive to employ the most skilled and experienced medical virtual assistants, but we also look for the ones with the right mindset and willingness to grow as a professional.

Jobs for Medical Virtual Assistants

VMeDx offers multiple medical virtual assistant services to clients. To that end, we also offer a wide range of positions for medical virtual assistants. We understand the diverse needs of the healthcare industry and we aim to meet those needs for the benefit of our clients’ practices.

Virtual Receptionist

virtual-receptionist-handling-phone-callsA virtual medical receptionist is in charge of handling the phone calls, emails, and other inquiries that come into the doctor’s clinic. This job can also include scheduling appointments, meetings, answering questions, and redirecting more serious queries to the doctor.

A medical virtual receptionist needs to maintain a high level of professionalism, being welcoming and efficient as they serve as the patient’s first point of contact with the doctor’s practice.

Administrative Assistant

A virtual administrative assistant handles a myriad of administrative tasks. This includes managing medical records, improving workflow, assisting in general office duties, and completing paperwork, among many others.

The success of an administrative assistant is imperative to the operations of a doctor’s practice. When they perform well, they improve productivity at a high level. Administrative assistants tackle many tasks at once and they must do so efficiently to allow healthcare providers to focus better on patient care.

Medical Scribe

medical-biller-ensure-accurate-invoicesA virtual medical scribe is required to document patient encounters during appointments or procedures, taking SOAP notes for doctors to peruse later on. On top of that, the job also requires them to update electronic medical records whenever necessary, assist in documentation, and provide timely record-keeping.

Medical Biller

Medical billers handle the intricate process of medical billing and coding to ensure that patients are given accurate invoices. They also cooperate with healthcare providers so that processes and reimbursements are timely. Medical billers manage claims, process payments, and resolve billing issues swiftly, all the while minimizing claims rejection rate.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Virtual assistants who are in charge of patient monitoring provide patient support and education from a remote location. They track a patient’s health data and provide real-time updates to healthcare professionals. Their job is essential to patient care as this enables doctors to detect potential issues early so treatments and other possible interventions may be done immediately.

All-Around Virtual Medical Assistant

An all-around virtual medical assistant from VMeDx is equipped with a diverse range of skills. They are versatile, composed, and experienced enough to handle a wide range of administrative tasks for their doctors. They tend to the needs of physicians so that they can take better care of their patients.

Extraordinary Benefits

VMeDx respects the value of its virtual medical assistants. The company is highly dedicated to providing an excellent and rewarding working environment to its employees, which is why the company also offers comprehensive benefits to its talent pool.

A company’s greatest asset is its employees, especially for an agency that handles essential workers who provide necessary services to professionals in the medical industry. The company then ensures their employee’s satisfaction, well-being, and professional growth through the following benefits.

Premium HMO

As a company that operates in the field of medicine, VMeDx understands that the employee’s health must be treated as a top priority. As such, the company offers premium HMO plans that come with extensive coverage so that our virtual medical assistants have easy access to quality medical care.

By providing this benefit, we ensure our employees are in peak shape so they can perform at their best and provide the best healthcare service they can.

Company and Client Initiated Incentives

medical-virtual-assistant-companiesVMeDx completely recognizes the hard work of our healthcare virtual assistants. As such, we reward hard work and dedication by offering a myriad of incentives which include, but are not limited to performance bonuses, awards, and other monetary rewards.

The incentives are initiated by us, as well as the medical professionals who fully benefit from the skills of our healthcare virtual assistants and their services. Thanks to this initiative, the company has fostered a healthy work environment wherein employees are appreciated and acknowledged for going the extra mile.

Seamless VA Portals

We offer seamless VA portals to improve workflow and increase efficiency. We enhance the skills of our healthcare virtual assistants through the help of these tools, making their lives and jobs easier and more convenient to manage.

These tools will allow healthcare virtual assistants to manage office tasks, communicate with providers, handle patient appointments, and more with relative ease.

Full-Time with Part-Time Opportunities

VMeDx understands the importance of flexibility. We offer full-time positions with part-time opportunities so that our employees have a healthier work-life balance. This freedom also allows a virtual medical assistant to undertake part-time positions to increase their income stream.

Continuous Learning Opportunity

The medical field is a highly evolving industry. We understand that the present working knowledge of a medical virtual assistant needs to be continuously improved so that they can keep up with the ever-changing face of the healthcare sector.

To this end, the company offers various training and development programs so that our employees are updated with the latest industry practices, trends, and technologies. These programs can include workshops, courses, webinars, and a plethora of other resources.

HIPAA Certification

Every healthcare virtual assistant who tends to the needs of healthcare professionals needs to be educated on the regulations set by HIPAA. VMeDx empowers our assistants by having them undergo the necessary HIPAA training program so that they become certified, HIPAA trained, and equipped enough to make sure the private information of patients continues to be protected.

100% Remote

VMeDx operates on a 100% work-from-home model, which means our healthcare assistants can work remotely, no matter where they are in the world. This work model allows a healthcare virtual assistant to have a flexible work day and have a better work-life balance overall. Remote work eliminates hassles, commute times, and unnecessary costs, which allows our assistants to save time and money as they navigate the world of healthcare.

Career Growth

When one becomes a healthcare virtual assistant, they have access to a wide array of employment opportunities, generous salaries, and paths to career growth. At VMeDx, this is something we treat extremely meticulously. We want our assistants to grow so that they can provide better service to our clients. We retain our top talent and give them avenues to achieving their career goals.

Provide Excellent Virtual Medical Assistant Services and Begin Your Journey Today

Begin your journey as a healthcare virtual assistant today and use your skills for the betterment of patient care. At VMeDx, we foster a healthy and rewarding culture and give our assistants a fulfilling career.

Having said that, whether you’re a virtual assistant looking to improve your career or a healthcare professional looking for reliable support, VMeDx is your window to success.


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