Filipino Virtual Assistant Work Ethics: A Deep Dive!

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Filipino Virtual Assistant Work Ethics: How Does it Compare With the US?

filipino-virtual-assistant-work-ethicsOne of the most well-known things about Filipino workers is their immaculate work ethic. While generalizations are often not true and employees with great work ethics come from all corners of the world, Filipinos have certainly built an undisputable reputation for themselves in this regard. This fact becomes jarring if you begin comparing Filipino work ethics to that of the West.

Be that as it may, Filipino employees aren’t perfect. Far from it, in fact. There are multiple aspects of Filipino workers that may dissuade many employers from hiring from the Philippines.

That being said, do not miss out on the opportunity of working with Filipino employees. No employee is perfect, but work with one who’s known for having an excellent work ethic and watch your daily productivity flourish. Here’s everything you need to know about the work ethics of Filipinos and how they compare to US work culture.

Company Loyalty

virtual medical assistant filipinos are loyalMany Filipinos have a penchant for remaining loyal to the companies they work for. When they get hired, they are highly likely to stay there for a long time. They prefer staying in one company and rising through the ranks internally rather than jumping from one organization to another. This is great for their financial stability and it is great for your organization as well.

When you hire a Filipino, your employee turnover rate is bound to drop. You’ll retain these employees much more easily merely because they’re more comfortable staying with you.

Of course, this does not mean you should take advantage of their loyalty. They will still leave once they feel underappreciated and underpaid. That being said, take good care of a Filipino employee, and their loyalty is yours.


Filipinos are known for being highly adaptable. They come from a country that is engrossed in multiple cultures. The country itself is the land of various people with different backgrounds and cultures. On top of that, they’ve also been introduced to foreign cultures over the years.

Because of that, Filipinos are able to adjust to different people. Whether it is workmates, clients, superiors, or subordinates, they are able to interact with anyone in a proper manner. They are considerate of different cultures because they come from a place that is home to many.

They’re Non-Confrontational

For better or for worse, Filipinos do their best to avoid confrontations. This is good because it ensures high office morale. However, this can also be a slippery slope. Oftentimes, a Filipino employee will avoid confrontations despite there being clear hostility, which can inevitably lead to the cultivation of a toxic work environment.

Not all Filipinos are like this, of course. Some will definitely stand up for themselves whenever it is necessary. However, if you are managing a Filipino employee, it is best to know when to step in and have a one-on-one with them whenever you see that they are avoiding confrontations and bottling up their frustrations rather than being vocal about them.

Time Management

filipinos virtual assistant are hardworking and efficient workersFilipinos are hardworking and efficient workers. However, they are not perfect. Far from it. In fact, one of the failings of a common Filipino employee is time management.

Western workers are very time-conscious. Most of them turn up on time, arrive at meetings on time, and reach deadlines on time. Some Filipinos have a problem with this, unfortunately. Younger Filipinos are getting better at time management. However, many of them still have problems with time. If you set a meeting at a certain time, it is very likely that your Filipino employee will show up at that meeting 15 to 30 minutes late.

This is easily amendable, of course. A quick reprimand and a reminder of the value of your time can be enough to swerve them in the right direction. 

Flexibility With Schedule

Although Filipinos have trouble with time management, they are, on the other hand, flexible with it. Filipinos who are in the BPO industry are used to working at various hours. They’ve worked for clients who live in countries in different time zones. As such, it is not uncommon for a Filipino to work night and graveyard shifts.

Given the difference in time zone between the U.S. and the Philippines, if you were to hire a remote worker from the Philippines, you can expect them to adjust to your time zone without any issues. In the work culture of the Philippines, this is a normal occurrence.

They’re Sociable

One of the strengths of Filipinos is their ability to mingle with anybody. They can befriend coworkers, they can get along with superiors, and most importantly, they are highly courteous towards customers and clients. They are sociable and can get along with anyone in your company.

filipinos virtual medical assistants are sociableThere are multiple clear benefits to this. For one, it creates a healthy work environment where your employees can get along with each other. This, in turn, does wonders for your office morale. Your workers are more motivated to work together because they will have built rapport with each other.

On top of that, if you’re looking for a customer service rep or a virtual assistant, they can handle clients without issues. They’ll be highly agreeable to anyone you’ll let them converse.

They Value Hard Work

Filipinos work hard and they work smart. It is one of the tenets of Filipino culture. Since they were young, Filipinos have been taught to always work hard and smart if they want to succeed in life, and they carry that adage to adulthood. 

Whatever task you give to your Filipino employee, as long as it is within their field of work, they will do that task. It will not matter if a task seems daunting to some, it is doable for a Filipino. Give a Filipino enough time and the proper resources and they won’t have any trouble getting that work done. In fact, they’ll take pride in finishing that work. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Education and Knowledge

filipino virtual assistants are degree holdersOn top of hard work, Filipinos also value the importance of education. Many Filipino employees are degree holders. Although the degrees they hold have no bearing on the field they’re in, they’ll take the necessary knowledge they got from their degrees and apply it to their current work.

Not everybody in the Filipino workforce is a degree holder. Be that as it may, they study the work and the field so that they can be as best as they can be at their jobs. They do research, and in some instances, they take classes to earn relevant certificates. Many Filipinos seek out knowledge, especially ones that help them become better as workers and individuals as a whole.

Respect for Authority

Another given fact about many Filipinos is their respect for organizational authority. Filipino employees respect their team leaders and managers. In many instances, team leaders and managers within the Filipino work economy become older sibling figures to their teams.

This has boundaries, of course. Filipino employees will respect authority if they are treated well. Otherwise, they’ll still follow tasks and do what is asked of them as it is their duty. However, their respect must be earned. Once it is, that respect is as sturdy as they come. You will be able to rely on them more and have the confidence that they will not fail you.

The Ability to Take Initiative

Filipino professionals will absolutely take the initiative to do their jobs effectively and correctly. If there are certain details about the job that you somehow miss to inform them, they will be able to fill in the dots and finish the job anyway.

This is a great strength, especially if you’re hiring a Filipino VA. There will be instances where you just won’t be able to explain everything to your assistant. An assistant who has initiative will fully comprehend the work and everything they’ll need to do to complete the work correctly.

That being said, you can have the comfort and the peace of mind of knowing that the tasks you assign to your Filipino VA will always be done correctly. Their work ethic almost demands that they do that work well.

What It’s Like Working With a Filipino

Working with a Filipino is a treat many Western clients and business owners have already had the privilege of experiencing. To reiterate, Filipino employees are far from perfect. However, they are hardworking, courteous, respectful, and flexible. They will see to your every need and smile genuinely while doing so.

As such, if you’re looking for a virtual assistant of your own, get a Filipino VA. VMedX hires the top medical virtual assistants from the Philippines who are highly trained, knowledgeable, and capable of making your work life easier. Not only are these VAs medically knowledgeable, but they are driven and willing to assist their clients in every necessary way.

The work ethics of the Filipino VAs at VMedX are impeccable and immaculate. Not only will you save on cost by outsourcing your VA needs to us, but you’ll end up working with extraordinarily hardworking individuals. See for yourself!


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