Virtual Assistant for Medical Professionals

Overwhelmed with administrative tasks? Discover how our Virtual Assistant for Medical Professionals can revolutionize your practice. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to efficiency!

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Virtual Assistant for Medical Professionals

Virtual Medical Assistants are Healthcare professionals in the Philippines who have a bachelor’s degree in many different allied healthcare courses. With their background and exposure in the healthcare field, they can become your invaluable partners in your practice. They possess a unique blend of medical knowledge, administrative expertise, and technological proficiency They are highly skilled and adaptable to any environments and specializations may it be:


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Internal Medicine

Expertly manage patient communications, appointment scheduling, and data management for internal medicine practices, ensuring smooth operations.


Assist pathologists with administrative tasks, manage patient records, and ensure timely communication and report delivery.


Support orthopedic practices by managing appointments, patient data, and facilitating efficient patient-practitioner communication.


Enhance dermatology practices by handling administrative tasks, patient communications, and ensuring organized patient data.


Assist geriatric practices by managing patient communications, appointments, and administrative tasks.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Support OB/GYN practices with patient management, appointment scheduling, and administrative tasks.


Manage patient appointments, records, and facilitate smooth operations within anesthesiology practices.

Emergency Medicine

Provide administrative support, manage patient data, and facilitate efficient operations in emergency medicine.


Assist neurosurgery practices with administrative tasks, patient management, and ensuring smooth operations.


Support oncology practices by managing appointments, patient communications, and ensuring organized records.


Enhance endocrinology practices by handling administrative tasks, patient communications, and ensuring organized patient data.


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Streamlines patient record management, appointment scheduling, and follow-ups, enhancing digestive health care efficiency.


Handles administrative duties, freeing up doctors to focus on diagnosing and treating eye conditions.


Supports practices by managing patient communication and paperwork, improving the delivery of urinary health care.


Manages appointment schedules and patient records, optimising time for child care and treatment.


Assists with administrative tasks, enabling a more focused approach to neurological patient treatment.

General Surgery

Efficiently manages appointments and patient records, facilitating smoother surgical procedures and recovery.


Simplifies patient communication and record keeping, boosting productivity in ear, nose, and throat care.


Streamline a radiologist’s workflow by efficiently managing patient data, scheduling appointments, and providing quick access to medical records and imaging studies.


Aid psychiatrists by organizing patient information, scheduling appointments, and facilitating the management of treatment plans and patient follow-ups.


Helps streamline administrative tasks and patient scheduling, fostering an efficient radiological diagnosis environment.


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Virtual Medical Receptionist

Virtual receptionists manage appointment scheduling and patient inquiries remotely, freeing doctors to focus on patient care.



Remote Medical Scribe

Live scribers remotely transcribe medical consultations, saving doctors’ time and ensuring accurate patient record documentation.



Remote Medical Billing

Medical billers remotely handle coding and billing, streamlining revenue cycle and easing financial tasks for doctors.


Frequently asked questions

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Please look at our Virtual Medical Assistant for Medical Professionals FAQ for answers to common queries, and if you need any more help, feel free to reach out – we’re here to help with your healthcare needs.

Below are some frequently asked questions, compiled from the queries we most often receive from our clients. These represent the most common concerns and inquiries that we encounter.

How does a virtual medical assistant work for multiple doctors at once?

A virtual medical assistant (VMA) operates as a dynamic team, enabling it to serve multiple doctors at once. The VMA serves as your practice’s interface, backed by a robust team of support workers and IT professionals handling all business-centric tasks. Essentially, we become an integral part of your office, transcending beyond mere billing and scheduling, with a dedicated team working relentlessly for your patient’s needs.

Why should I use a virtual healthcare assistant instead of a traditional employee?

Opting for a Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) over a traditional employee holds significant advantages. VMAs offer cost savings by eliminating expenses like payroll taxes and employee perks, thereby maximizing your profits. Moreover, VMAs work flexibly, dedicating more time to tasks like administrative duties, appointment scheduling, and chart organization. This, in turn, ensures seamless operations, alleviating your worries even during peak times. So choose a VMA – an efficient, cost-effective solution for your medical practice’s needs.

How will my virtual healthcare assistant know how to talk to my patients?

Your virtual healthcare assistant is meticulously trained to mirror your practice’s ethos and understand patient needs, ensuring seamless communication. With the ability to engage via websites, social media, or direct interaction, they can handle appointment queries and share vital health information effectively. Experience a harmonious blend of professionalism and empathy with our service.

What are the typical daily responsibilities of a virtual medical assistant?

A virtual assistant for medical professionals efficiently juggles a myriad of tasks including patient history recording, office correspondence, examination room preparation, insurance billing, medication administration, medical record maintenance, and appointment scheduling. Their role is versatile, catering to your practice’s unique needs within regulatory boundaries.