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Need help with administrative tasks? Let VMeDx help. 

Our expert Virtual Medical Assistants can handle the paperwork so you can focus on what matters—caring for your patients.

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How  VMeDx VMAs Integrate in Your Practice

Patient Scheduling and Registration


Your Virtual Assistant can serve as a receptionist, handling patient calls and ensuring smooth communication within the practice. They can schedule appointments, screen and redirect calls, assist with referrals and medical records requests, confirm appointments, handle new patient calls, respond to inquiries while adhering to HIPAA policies and procedures. Additionally, they can collect patient demographics, clinical data, consent forms, health insurance details, and perform data entry and chart preparation.

Patient Intake


Your Medical Virtual Assistant can collect patient demographics, clinical data, consent forms, health insurance details, data entry, and chart prep.

Patient Exam


Live Scribe


The EHR system has revolutionized patient care, but charting can be time-consuming and divert our attention from patients. Your Medical Virtual Assistant can serve as a live scribe, logging conversations and handling administrative tasks like ordering diagnostics and refilling medications.

Medical Billing


Your remote medical assistant will ensure that patient insurance is verified occasionally, ensuring the policy is active, and gathering patient benefit information to ensure timely and accurate submission of claims, maximize revenue generation, and minimize claim rejection rate.

Patient Payment Posting and Collections


Your Remote Medical Assistants can post payments to patient accounts from daily insurance payments from EOBs and insurance checks from ERAs. An efficient payment posting system provides an efficient view of your day-to-day financial picture of every practice's increase in revenue. They can also call the patient to remind them of their balance and dues.

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Save big and streamline your medical office operations with VMeDx. Our virtual assistants are experts in their field, ready to tackle any challenge you throw their way. Our skilled team can handle everything from scheduling patients and verifying insurance to live scribing. Check out our extensive list of healthcare job titles below, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll work together to create a customized role just for you. Say goodbye to in-house hires and hello to cost-effective efficiency.

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Our Process for Delivering Customized Solutions is Tailored to The Unique Needs of Your Practice.

We take the time to understand your specific requirements and work closely with you to implement the most effective virtual assistant strategies. Our goal is to become a seamless extension of your team, providing the support and expertise you need to thrive in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Step 1

Identifying your pain points

Step 2

Diagnosing the problem

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Step 3

Set Up Your Account

Step 4

Interview & Onboarding

Step 5

Performance management

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The Science Behind Our Vetting Process

We take our screening and recruiting very seriously, and our approach is unlike any other. Quality is our priority, and we assess candidates based on well-rounded and sophisticated scientific validation, leading to more successful hiring outcomes. We leverage different qualifying exams such as the English test, IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), AQ (adaptability quotient), SQ (situational quotient), and DISC and utilize an algorithm that allows us to pick the top 3% of all the candidates who apply.


Ready To Be Hired


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Fall Out After The Initial Interview


Fall Out After Stage 1 of Our Recruitment

Elevating Healthcare Excellence and Security

Join VMeDx on a transformative journey to redefine healthcare excellence and security, where world-class training, future-proof practice solutions, and unwavering HIPAA compliance converge.

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HIPAA & Security
Security and Compliance
Our Foundational Yet Profound Training
Training Excellence Unveiled
Future-Proof Your Business
Business Resilience Solutions
Navigating Telehealth Ethics
Ethical Telehealth Guidance

HIPAA & Security

We take into consideration potential risks that may cause healthcare data breaches. Between 2009 and 2022, 5,150 healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records have been reported to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights, resulting in impermissible disclosure of 382,262,109 healthcare records. That alone equates to more than 1.2x the entire population of the United States. Source

Healthcare Data Breaches of 500+ Records (2009 - July 2023)


Our Foundational Yet Profound Training

Our VMA Boot Camp is geared not only towards providing precise and reliable information to our Virtual Medical Assistants, but it allows them to delve deeply to the world of an actual Medical Assistant working in your practice. Our training module is derived from US- Published books which were accepted and approved by a committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers’ Associations. In addition, we have medical assistants with 5- 30 years of clinical experience in managing a US practice who immerse our trainees to real-life settings. This prepares our candidates with what to come once they start working for our clients.


Future-Proof Your Business

VMed-X offers an avant-garde platform that allows you to scale and protect your business operations smoothly. We understand that the vicious cycle of hiring and firing could certainly be detrimental for your practice. With this, we have built a system that allows you to prepare for future hires and minimize the risk of knowledge loss when a worker leaves. We provide you a centralized hub that is easily accessible for all employees, whether they are new, experienced, on-site, remote etc., which makes your operation much more productive.


Uncover the ethical dilemmas surrounding telehealth and the role of Virtual Medical Assistants in maintaining patient trust and confidentiality in a digital era. Explore the controversies and best practices in this evolving landscape.


Meet VMeDx Founders


Vladimir Gasic

CEO, Co-Founder


Dr. Andrei Gasic



Alexandra Gasic, RN



Dr. Greg Gasic

Co-Founder and Author