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The Impact Of VMeDx’s Medical Virtual Assistants And Dedicated Account Managers

In our ever-growing economy and reliance on the digital landscape, adapting to virtual practices is necessary whether you’re a private practitioner or a booming organization. The medical industry is no stranger to this fact. More and more would-be patients now turn to the online world rather than scouring hospitals when looking for a healthcare professional to work with. Organizations can better navigate this economy when they employ medical practice virtual assistant services. By leveraging the expertise of medical virtual assistants, these services enhance their operational efficiency and patient care.

medical-practice-virtual-assistant-servicesVMeDx aims to meet that exact need. As such, we have employed qualified, skilled, and hardworking medical virtual assistants who can tend to your virtual needs.

However, this, too, is a lot more nuanced than what it seems on the surface.

The job of a virtual assistant is multifaceted and diverse. They will perform tasks for you, such as:

  • Answer emails
  • Respond to calls
  • Arrange your calendar
  • Oversee quality assurance
  • Set up meetings
  • Arrange events

These are only a handful of things a virtual assistant can do. Certain organizations look for specific skills in an assistant to suit their company’s particular needs. There may be things you need that you still need to realize. That’s where a dedicated account manager comes in. 

Our dedicated account managers will guide you through every step of the way for a smooth and seamless experience. On top of that, their job goes beyond simple facilitation. They can help with customization and integration and will continue to work for you for ongoing support.

How Your Account Manager Will Work For You

With VMeDx, you will receive a virtual assistant who can attend to your organization’s exact needs and access to a dedicated account manager who’ll see that you are entirely pleased with our service. Here’s everything you can expect from the VMeDx account managers who will work tirelessly for you.

Hiring Virtual Assistants That Are Tailored For You

hiring-a-vmedx-virtual-assistantA dedicated account manager will ensure that the virtual assistant who works for you is perfect for the job. Our virtual assistants are skilled in the tasks required of the position, but should you have specific operations needing more attention, your dedicated account manager will find an exceptionally professional VA for those operations.

On the other hand, should you require a completely diverse VA in every aspect of the job, the dedicated account manager will also find this perfect VA for you. It is one of the account managers’ jobs to ensure that you and your VA are an ideal fit.

Training and Transitioning

While we only hire VAs who are entirely qualified and sufficiently skilled, they will still require training to adjust to your organization’s inner workings. Don’t worry about this aspect, though. Your account manager will ensure your VA is properly trained to meet your organization’s needs.

The account manager will also oversee the VA’s transition into your organization. They will ensure that the onboarding is seamless. Your VA will be completely comfortable, knowledgeable, and highly prepared before they start performing tasks for you. Whatever tools, software, and CRMs your organization uses, the VA will be trained to use those to meet your every need.

Continuous Support and Improvement

The account manager will look after you during the onboarding process and continue to work with you for as long as you’re with VMeDx. They will provide you with continuous support, and they’ll ensure your VA isn’t only working well for you but that they are also continuing to improve under your umbrella. The account manager will regularly monitor the VA’s work for you to see if any change or improvement is required.

On top of working with you, the account manager will continue working with the VA. This continued symbiosis covers huddles and training, ensuring you and the VA work well together.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are supreme aspects of the medical field. As such, it isn’t only you who have to worry about them; everyone in your organization should also. Everything from compliant practices to patient information must be observed and protected well. Your virtual assistant needs to be mindful of these as well.

Account managers ensure the VAs who work for you completely comply with your standard security practices and quality assurance protocols. This is first taught as part of their training and will continue to be reminded and enforced as long as the VA works for your organization.

Facilitate Communication

If there are certain things that you need to address, whether it is regarding the virtual assistant who works for you or if there is any other need from your end, the account manager can help you communicate. The account manager can help address your needs and successfully csuccessfully them to the VA or the VMeDx management.

The account manager can also manage feedback for you. You can forward it to the account manager if you’d like to talk about performance.


The account manager will ensure you have complete transparency of the VA’s work for you or any other matters. For any necessary metrics, progress, or data that we can provide for you, the account manager will give it to you at any given moment. You deserve to know precisely everything we do for you, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with VMeDx.

On top of that, your account manager can give you information that you may have needed to be clarified to you in the past or something you may have missed to talk about with us. Please let your account manager know if you want or need to know anything; they will get that information for you.

Medical Practice Virtual Assistant Services Satisfaction

Satisfaction For You and Your Virtual AssistantAnother role the account manager brings to the fold is ensuring you and your virtual assistant are satisfied with the union. It would be best if you were happy with the job the virtual assistant is doing for you, and the VA needs to be continuously content with their work life. The account manager will assist you in keeping the morale of the VA so that their work continues to be impeccable.

The account manager can conduct systematic meetings and seminars with the virtual assistant to ensure they have everything they need to do their jobs well. In the same way, their lines and times will also be easily open to you should you need anything.

Real-Time Adaptations and Optimization

The world of medicine and healthcare is ever-changing. Pair that with the flexibility of the online market, and your organization needs to be fluid and adaptable to thrive in today’s economy. Practices and standards change. Your virtual assistant needs to adapt to these changes, too.

As such, the account manager will help manage changes and ensure your VA can adapt to real-time changes in the market. Their knowledge and skills will be as dynamic as needed. New programs will be implemented, practices will be optimized, and seminars will be conducted if necessary.

Assess and Meet Your Needs

Let’s face it. Working in the medical industry is no easy feat. Your time and mind are always pre-occupied. As such, there may be certain aspects of your practice you don’t realize need optimizing due to how occupied you’ve been with your current workload. Your account manager, with the help of your virtual assistant, can help you assess and meet your needs.

The longer the VA and the account manager work with you, the more they’ll learn of the inner workings of your organization. Not only will they help you with your needs, but they’ll also begin to spot holes you may have overlooked that need patching. They’ll address these issues and help you come up with resolutions.

Revenue Increase

revenue increase Revenue operations conceptYou will begin to feel and see this benefit in the long haul as you continue to work with our virtual assistants and account managers. As your organization functions better, your operations become more streamlined, security becomes more vigorous, and quality reaches its highest potential, everything in your company rises concurrently. This includes revenue.

Your patients and clients will see your continuous improvements and advancements. As such, they’ll choose you as their constant medical practitioner. Your practice will flourish, and your revenue will increase.

VMeDx Accommodates Your Requirements

VMeDx’s primary goal is to ensure your medical practice reaches its full potential through our medical practice virtual assistant services. Our medical virtual assistants are our prime hands in achieving that goal. We also provide our clients with dedicated account managers so that the collaboration between you and the VA is seamless and perfect.

Please contact us today to learn how our work can elevate your practice. In no time, we will connect you with a dedicated account manager so you can begin finding a virtual assistant who can function effectively in your practice. The healthcare and medical industry is an uphill world. VMeDx can help carry your burdens for you.



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