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The Rise of Medical Virtual Assistants Home Based: Trends and Opportunities

medical virtual assistant using computer sitting on sofa at homeThe shift towards remote work has become increasingly prevalent across numerous industries, with a notable acceleration due to the global pandemic. Since the early 2000s, many employees have embraced the flexibility of working from home, a trend that has only grown. This transition is particularly evident within the healthcare sector with the emergence of medical virtual assistant home based roles. This development underscores the healthcare industry’s adaptation to remote work, highlighting the growing acceptance and reliance on home based medical virtual assistants.

Many practitioners feared working with home-based workers due to misunderstandings and lack of information, but now, many have seen and completely understand how useful, productive, and cost-efficient hiring a home-based medical virtual assistant truly is. Nowadays, doctors, physicians, and other medical practitioners choose medical assistants who work remotely.

Benefits of Medical Virtual Assistant Home Based Work

If you’re considering becoming a home-based medical virtual assistant, now is the best time. The opportunities are endless, the rewards are abundant, and the benefits are incredible. Speaking of benefits, here are some of the best benefits that will give you a clear glimpse of how incredible it can be to start working from home.

It gets rid of commute.

virtual assistant mother and son wearing face masks while traveling by public transportCommuting is one of the most stressful aspects of working in an office. You have to wake up early, drive through traffic, and get to the office already tired instead of being optimally energized to start your work day. This is even worse if you don’t have a personal vehicle. Public transportation to work can be insanely troubling, especially during rush hours.

You eliminate that process when you work from home and head straight to your work day. Your home is literally your office. You can wake up an hour before work starts, which would not be an issue. You don’t have to take traffic into account anymore.

You can work virtually anywhere.

One of the best benefits of having a home-based setup is you can work virtually anywhere. You can work from your bedroom, living room, or home office. You can even work in your kitchen if you want to. That’s how broad your freedom is when it comes to work placement.

Despite being called “home-based,” you don’t have to work from home. If you go on trips, you can bring your laptop and work from anywhere worldwide. Nature can be your office if you so desire.

Better work-life balance

When you begin opting for a home-based setup, you immediately see an improvement in your work-life balance. A home-based setup gives you more time to focus on the other aspects of your life. You can have extra time for your hobbies, interests, loved ones, and family.

A work-from-home setup allows you to spend more time doing things other than work. This makes you feel less stressed and more satisfied with your overall quality of life. On top of that, your family and the people you love will appreciate you for spending more time with them.

Increased productivity

male medical virtual assistant home basedDespite common misconceptions, it’s proven that working from home makes a worker more productive than working in an office. This is because a worker can work properly and efficiently from home without distractions and other external factors.

When you work from home and sit in your home office or in front of your work setup, that time is dedicated to work and nothing else. This allows you to be hyper-focused to work only. Your productivity and efficiency are increased.

Of course, this requires motivation as well. As long as you are a motivated and willful medical virtual assistant home based worker, you’ll become more productive when you work at home than in an office.

It forces you to be disciplined.

Working from home gives you much freedom and time to do as you wish. However, there’s also the risk of leniency. When you work remotely, you ultimately answer to yourself. You have superiors, managers, and employers, but you are responsible for your time.

Effective remote workers are highly disciplined. This is because the home-based work setup forces them to do so. One can only last long and earn properly from a home-based setup if one follows certain rules and adheres to proper discipline. You’ll also learn this the longer you work from home instead of in an office.

More cost-effective

Working from home is more cost-effective than working in an office. For one, public transportation fares or gasoline costs are significantly reduced when you work from home.

There’s also the matter of food. When you work in an office, it is easy to be tempted to spend money on eating out with your workmates or alone. You can just eat whatever is in your pantry or fridge when you work from home.

Broader opportunities

a VA using laptop while gesturing on globeWorking remotely gives you access to more career possibilities. When you’re strictly an office worker, your employment options are limited to the organizations and companies hiring within your city. When you work remotely, your opportunities are global.

With remote work, you can live in Asia and become a virtual healthcare assistant for a medical practice based in the United States. You no longer have to settle for working for medical professionals based in your city.

This also gives you the chance to receive higher wages. If you’re employed in a city with a particularly low salary range, you can apply for an employer living in an area that pays well.

No more stress regarding attire

Picking out a different outfit every day can be very tiring. It’s also relatively expensive. After all, you’re encouraged to keep buying new clothes to occasionally wear something new when you work in an office.

When you work from home, on the other hand, this is something you don’t have to worry about anymore. You can work in your pajamas, and no one’s the wiser. This doesn’t apply to every single scenario, of course. When there’s a meeting where you must turn on your camera, you’ll have to dress up appropriately then. However, this is still a better option than having to dress up every day.

Calls and meetings are easier to do

remote assistance calls and meeting with a doctorAs a healthcare virtual assistant, you must handle incoming calls and attend meetings regularly. Whether it’s to be a virtual medical scribe and take notes during appointments or to contact patients when your doctor asks, calls and meetings are routine tasks for you.

Calls can be tricky when you work in a medical office. The environment can be loud and chaotic. When you work from home, on the other hand, as long as you’ve created a proper, quiet, and comfortable work setup, calls and meetings are no problem for you.


The best benefit of embracing a medical virtual assistant home based position is a massive sense of freedom. As mentioned here, you get to have more time, you save more money, and you’re free to do more things you enjoy outside of work. This is an irreplaceable benefit and one of the many reasons why many workers prefer working from home to an office today.

Finding Home-Based Virtual Medical Assistant Positions

If you’re set on becoming a virtual medical assistant, your next step is to find employment opportunities. You can do so by doing the following:

  • Looking up job boards
  • Signing up for job websites
  • Setting up an online platform
  • Reaching out to medical professionals
  • Joining a virtual medical assistant agency

If you’re looking for a steady position and work with the best doctors on the market, the best choice is to go for the last listed option. Join a virtual medical assistant agency like VMeDx, and you’ll receive extensive training and be paired up with the right employer for you.

Virtual medical assistants undertake stressful tasks and intense scenarios regularly. Training and education help you undertake these challenges with relative ease. With VMeDx, you receive training ranging from fundamental aspects to the most advanced topics so that you can confidently take on any tasks and jobs that will be assigned to you.

On top of that, your skills will also be put to use most efficiently. We will ensure that you will end up working for the correct healthcare practitioner according to your abilities, masteries, and experience.

Setting Up a Home Office

Be one of the best virtual medical assistants by ensuring you have a suitable home office. Your working environment from home is an important aspect of your career. It has to be comfortable and accessible enough to ensure proper productivity. Efficiency and optimum patient care.

You’ll have to meet certain tools and specifications to work properly as a healthcare virtual assistant. That said, here are tips on how to set up the proper home office.

Have a decent WiFi.

wifi internet connection perforated paper set up by a virtual assistantThis goes without saying, but you should have a decent WiFi connection to be a healthcare virtual assistant. It shouldn’t just be existent but also fast and stable so you can properly assist the medical practice you’re supporting.

Your internet connection should at least have 50 to 100 Mbps download and upload speeds. Remember, you will download, upload, and manage medical records, patient records, insurance verification files and more regularly on the job. You’ll also be taking calls and emails and going to meetings occasionally. Your internet speed is a necessary factor in your home-based setup.

Have the proper computer specifications.

Your PC or laptop is your best friend when you work remotely. If you’re firm on only working in your home office, go for a PC build and make sure it has a powerful enough processor, at least 8 gigabytes of RAM, and the proper applications installed to work efficiently at home.

However, if you want a more digital nomad approach, use a laptop instead, and you can work wherever you wish. Just make sure your laptop has the proper specifications to handle office work.

Work computer setups aren’t very demanding. They must be stable enough to handle multiple tabs on browsers and various work applications without slowing down. Most modern builds and laptops are enough for work-from-home setups.

Setup in a quiet and comfortable place

Set up your home office in a quiet and comfortable place. When you begin your work day, you must be able to sit in front of your computer free of distractions, unnecessary noise, and other unwanted nuisances that may hinder you from doing your job well.

Many choose to set up in their own bedrooms. However, those with the luxury of having an available, unoccupied room should choose that for their home office. This way, the room itself can be an actual office space.

Use productivity tools

time tracking tools used by virtual assistantsThere are many productivity tools out there that you can use to be more productive when you work from home. Applications and tools such as Notes, time tracking, and efficient communication applications should be installed on your computer. They should also be open when you begin your work day.

Even a music streaming application can also be useful if you thrive when working while listening to music. Use whichever tools you can so you can perform at a level that is required of you.

Have good lighting

Lighting is also an important aspect when you’re setting up a home-based office. If you work during the day, ensure the room has enough windows to fill your room with natural light. This allows you to work better during the day without feeling too exhausted and to avoid feeling drowsy.

If you work at night, fill your room with white light for the same reasons. Light allows you to be more attentive and less tired during work hours.

Use dual monitors if necessary.

Many virtual assistants choose to have two monitors instead of one. This is a completely optional step, but you can greatly consider it if you want to be more effective in your work.

As a medical virtual assistant, you will end up multitasking a lot. You will handle electronic health records and answer calls at the same time. You will set appointments for clients and patients while doing administrative tasks for your doctor. As a medical virtual assistant, there are many things you will have to do for the sake of your doctor’s healthcare practice.

All of these tasks can be daunting to do with just one monitor. A dual monitor setup will make things considerably easier for you, so you won’t have to constantly switch between tabs and applications. All of them can remain on screen as you organize them neatly so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Prioritize ergonomy and comfort.

ergonomic office chair suits for virtual assistance jobTo be a long-term medical virtual assistant, you must fully consider ergonomy and comfort. Ergonomy ensures everything is put in the exact place so that you are as comfortable as possible when you work. Ergonomy also ensures your posture is just right so you don’t suffer from any long-term body conditions.

Your chair is an important aspect of this. Invest in a good ergonomic office chair; your back will thank you. Another example is to ensure your table is low enough so that your arm is bent from your elbow at a 90-degree angle when you’re typing on your keyboard or holding your mouse while sitting down.

Monitor placement is another thing you’ll have to consider here. Make sure the top of your monitor is positioned slightly below your eye level. This is less straining for your eyes and neck.


Be a medical virtual assistant home based today and experience all the benefits you’ve read about here. This job can be very demanding, but it is also very rewarding. It gives you much freedom and wonders for your work-life balance, ultimately benefiting your overall physical and mental health.

With that said, start working on becoming a medical virtual assistant for VMeDx today and excel in your field without leaving your home’s comforts. Earn a livable wage, have a happier life, have a healthy career, and still have enough time to spend on yourself and your loved ones. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!


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