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Tired of juggling billing and patient care? VMeDx streamlines your remote medical billing, freeing you to focus on what truly matters – your patients. Simplify your practice, enhance care, and rediscover your passion!
Arcelyn Abas
Arcelyn Abas
Immensely happy with Virtual VMeDx’s services! Have assisted us im achieving better patient flow!
Nenita Nefretiri Cristobal
Nenita Nefretiri Cristobal
very very helpful with administrative misc back office work. no need to stay for long times on the phone for insurance authorizations. gives more time to do other works 😉👍 makes you more efficient! thanks so much VmeDX! 🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏
John Hayes
John Hayes
VMeDx has been a good at fulfilling our needs.
We are truly happy with their services and they have been helpful in managing our calls at our practice.
Architectural Stone Elements
Architectural Stone Elements
I have been totally impressed with all the virtual assistants that VMeDx has presented me. I will keep using them for their quality results! Very Impressed.
morey bang
morey bang
Completely happy with your services thank you
Gregory Gasic
Gregory Gasic
VMeDx is the time crunch solution every doctor’s office needs to avoid burnout! Their staff is wonderful!

It’s not them, it’s you…

The patients want to see you, you are nice, and kind… simply just awesome! They need you, but sadly you are unavailable. On average it takes about 30 mins to get a hold of an insurance agent and you only have 8 working hours in a day. How much time left do you think you’re going to have in seeing patients? By simply delegating the insurance verification process to your virtual medical assistant, you get more bookings scheduled in your EHR, see more patients, and grow your practice.


Grow Efficiently


Experienced Team

You have big dreams and ran your marketing and referral campaigns, and received more patient calls than you can possibly imagine. It got you thinking that you’ve opened Pandora’s box only to realize they are out of network. You are now swamped with patients who can’t pay and stuck with never ending account receivables. You realized it was not Pandora’s box you’ve opened but a can of worms. Don’t let this happen to you. Our Virtual Medical Assistants can help in confirming that services provided are covered under the patient’s plan.

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Insurance Verification Assurance

Explore utilizing Virtual Medical Assistants for patient insurance checks, safeguarding against unpaid account receivables

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Guarding Revenue Strategically

Discuss employing Virtual Medical Assistants for managing patient insurance during high-demand, ensuring financial stability.

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Dr. Ronald Espinoza

Cosmetic, Plastic Surgeon – New York

Better Cash flow


The dynamic changes on Insurance companies’ policies make it arduous in processing health plans. With evolving complexities, in addition to human errors make it impossible not to have denials. Because of these, healthcare organizations will not get paid on a timely manner while patients are placed on huge debt. This will greatly decrease the EBITDA of healthcare institutions and will largely impact the entire operations. It is important to have a Remote Medical Billing Assistant/s stay on top of this process to ensure the timely submission of paper work.

Timely Payments

Reduced Denials

Reduced Operational Efficiency

Maximize Your Medical Practice!

Unlock Efficiency with Remote Medical Biller

Discover the transformative power of Remote Medical Billing Assistants and elevate your practice to unparalleled heights.

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Increased Patient Face-Time

By delegating insurance verification to a virtual medical assistant, doctors can spend more quality time with their patients, enhancing patient care.

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Practice Growth

With the administrative burden reduced, doctors can focus on expanding their practice, seeing more patients, and increasing their revenue.

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Improved Cash Flow

Timely and accurate insurance verification ensures that healthcare organizations receive payments without delays, maintaining a healthy cash flow.

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Operational Stability

Ensuring timely submission of paperwork and accurate insurance verification helps in maintaining a stable EBITDA, ensuring the smooth running of the clinic’s operations.

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Streamlined Scheduling

With insurance verification handled efficiently, doctors can have more patient bookings scheduled in their EHR, optimizing their daily clinic hours.

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Avoidance of Financial Pitfalls

Virtual Medical Assistants ensure that services provided are covered under the patient’s plan, preventing the clinic from being swamped with patients who can’t pay.

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Reduced Claim Denials

By staying updated with ever-changing insurance policies and minimizing errors, Virtual Medical Assistants help in reducing the chances of claim denials.

Having Lab Work Done Has Never Been Easier!

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remote medical billing

Delegate insurance verifications to our Virtual Medical Assistants and focus on what you do best – caring for your patients. More time with patients means more growth for your practice.

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Unlock Efficient Growth, Not Problems!

Don’t drown in out-of-network patients and unpaid account receivables. Our Virtual Medical Assistants ensure every patient you see is covered under their plan.

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Boost Your Cash Flow, Stress-Free!

Navigate the ever-changing insurance landscape with ease. Our Virtual Medical Assistants ensure timely paperwork submissions, reducing denials and improving your bottom line.

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to common questions using our helpful FAQs.

How would a healthcare billing virtual assistant work in my office?

A healthcare billing virtual assistant, though located anywhere in the world, can seamlessly integrate into your office operations using secure remote access software. They can check payments, send insurance documentation, and interact with patients via your office phone number and email address, maintaining the illusion that they’re right next door. Furthermore, their working hours are flexible to accommodate your practice’s needs, whether that’s during regular business hours or overnight. This ensures you can start each day knowing all your billing tasks have been handled efficiently, regardless of your time zone.

Benefits of hiring a medical billing virtual assistant

Hiring a medical billing virtual assistant offers a myriad of benefits, including cost-effectiveness as they are about 1/3 the cost of an in-house biller. They provide professional support, with MedVa sourcing the finest medical billing VAs globally, ensuring top-notch service. Delegating your billing tasks to such professionals not only prevents burnout but also allows you to focus on scaling your practice. Prompt and accurate handling of billing queries enhances customer satisfaction, leading to positive reviews and referrals. Ultimately, this strategic investment frees up your time for growth-oriented activities instead of being tied down with billing tasks.

How much does a healthcare billing virtual assistant cost?

Engaging a medical billing virtual assistant is an economical and efficient solution for many physicians and medical practices. These professionals provide superior services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee. Where an in-house medical biller’s average annual salary is $45,760, a virtual assistant costs only $10 per hour. This translates into savings of nearly $25,000 annually for a full-time role. Moreover, when you factor in benefits like paid leave, holiday pay, and health insurance, an in-house employee costing $40,000 annually can actually amount to $50,000 – $60,000. In contrast, the hourly rate of a MedVa medical billing virtual assistant encompasses all these costs, making it an affordable and comprehensive solution for your practice’s needs.

How will you know that you can trust your medical billing VA to handle such important tasks for your practice?

At VMeDx, trust and HIPAA compliance are fundamental. Our medical billing virtual assistants undergo thorough vetting for expertise and strict adherence to HIPAA regulations, ensuring confidentiality and compliance in handling your practice’s billing needs. You’ll work with the same VA daily, fostering a strong relationship and a deep understanding of your specific requirements, supported by flexible, multi-channel communication for effective and secure management of your medical billing tasks.

What happens if my virtual healthcare billing assistant doesn’t work out?

At VMeDx, your satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your medical billing virtual assistant’s reliability, performance, or personality, we will promptly address the issue and provide a replacement. One of the advantages of working with a VA is the flexibility in managing personnel. U.S. labor laws may complicate the process of letting an underperforming employee go, sometimes necessitating months of documentation and risk of legal action. However, as our VAs operate outside the U.S., they are not subject to these laws, enabling you to make staffing changes without the associated complications.

Remote Medical Billing can help you grow your practice

If expanding your practice, accommodating more patients, and boosting revenue are on your horizon, VMeDx’s remote medical billing assistants can be instrumental. Traditional obstacles such as the cost and difficulty of sourcing high-quality medical billers often hinder growth plans. However, with VMeDx’s VAs, available at an economical rate of just $10 per hour ($25 for residents in California), you have access to affordable and proficient resources. This allows you to scale your practice at your own pace, transforming your aspirations into reality.

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