HIPAA, Security Policy & BAA

How do your Security and HIPAA policy look like?

All our Medical Virtual Assistants are HIPAA trained and have taken the same certifications that US citizens take (click here to view the sample certificate). In addition, we have them submit an NBI clearance which is the FBI- equivalent in the US to make sure they have not committed crimes especially anything about cybersecurity. Subsequently, the Philippines has a similar law to HIPAA called Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy act of 2012 which severely punishes any Filipino citizen for a $20,00 fine and imprisonment of up to 6 years. Learn more about this by clicking this 

A US employee who violates HIPAA may lose his or her job. In the Philippines, it is a career defining punishment and would affect the person’s credibility to apply for a VISA and renew their professional licenses. There is just too much at stake to violate such law in the Philippines.

How does you Cyber Security looks like?

We have dedicated IT professionals who check all the Virtual assistants’ computers to make sure the connection is secured and the computer is free from any known viruses. Our IT also periodically checks the computers to prevent certain issues from happening.

I’m worried that My Medical Virtual Assistant might upload a virus and install some malware and ransomware to my system and mess it up. Has this ever happened before?

No, this has never happened before and we are thankful for that. Although the term “virtual” makes you imagine the apocalyptic ending of “The Terminator Series” when Skynet took over all computer systems and started to ravage the humans, our virtual assistants are people with a heart.
Our Medical Virtual Assistants may be computer literate, but it will not go through the extremes of infiltrating your system with a virus.

Do you sign the BAA?

If you have a copy of your BAA that you let your staff sign, you can send it to your VA and they will be happy to sign it. Note: MEDVA does not have access to any PHI and therefore will not sign the BAA on the Virtual assistant’s behalf. All our Medical Virtual Assistants are independent contractors thus, they use their own personal computers.